If you are a language teacher, teaching English as a foreign language, it is very likely you will find our site interesting. GameLingua.com offers set of English vocabulary games for a classroom use. Engage your students, let them play and compete. Organise short 5-minute game breaks during your teachinh hour.

Modern students play a lot of games using their consoles, PCs and in the Internet. Game-based learning and language knowledge contests are they ways teachers can make lessons more interesting and interactive.

Why play GameLingua.com games? There are a few important reasons:

Save time and money – Our games have all elements needed to start them any time and without additional effort.

Be better than your competition – modern students prefer to learn using modern solutions, such as language games.

Attact more studens – Prove students that learning does not have to be difficult and can be actually fun

Loose less studens – he fact that you organise fun, enjoyable lessons with games and social playing will help you to reduce the school abandonement rate.

Be effective – emotions help people to learn better, faster and remember the facts for a longer time

Make your teachers and students happy – There is no better way for a effective and fun English class that to organise some play during it.

It would be ideally that  you will use a video projector, a HD TV set attached to laptop or interactive board. This will ensure all students in your class will be able to see the game. However, for a smaller class we believe even a 21 inch monitor will be good enough cause our game can be displayed full screen. In most browsers you can achieve that by pressing F11.

Site has four different games

  • “Word Guess” Game – game will show the student English definition and will give him four different English answers.
  • “True or False” game – game will show the student with a word and definition that can be good or wrong.
  • “Native Translation” – game will show the student with native language word and will ask for an English equivalent
  • “English Translation” – game will show the student with English word and will ask for an native language equivalent

We believe in education technology and we believe in edtech that is helping the teachers, not replacing them. We think that tech guided learning is the way for 21st century English education. Contemporary classrom can combine such elements as: experienced leader (teacher), students, social interactions and game tools, such as GameLingua.com games. These elements together can make the class more productive and fun at the same time.

The ESL game idea is not new and many of teachers organised some”guess word” excercises during lessons. We have also participated in such activities and that was also inspiration for creation of our game. What is new and innovative in our game is combining together a few things than can make our games both enjoyable and helpful at the same time.

As you can see, English lessons can be interesting and productive at the same time and we are here to help you with that. We promise we will addd more creative ideas for you English classes after we invent some new sceraios.